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    Join Us!

    We are recruiting! From November 2018 we have an open technician position, two PhD student positions and a post-doc position on a new ERC consolidator grant awarded to Jan-Willem.

    The project will use innovative approaches for infection biology by combining synthetic biology and quantitative single cell biology including single cell RNA-seq, CRISPRi, engineered bistable switches and microfluidics. We will try to reveal the molecular mechanisms underlying cell-to-cell variability and its importance in virulence and antibiotic resistance.

    If you are interested in this project, or have other ideas, email us!

    The lab is currently funded by the ERC, NWO, EMBO, Novartis, DARPA and SNF.

    If you are interested in obtaining your personal post-doc fellowship, also contact us as we have (successful) experience with FEBS, Marie-Curie and EMBO long term fellowships.

    Prospective PhD students can also apply for a PhD fellowship from the doctoral school of UNIL's Faculty of Biology and Medicine.