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    Our lab is at Biosafety 2 level with a great view of Lake Geneva and the Mont Blanc.

    We run 2 state-of-the-art fully automated widefield fluorescence microscopes (Leica) with both FRAP and TIRF capability. There are three fluorescence and luminescence plate readers (Tecan) in the lab.

    At the department level, we have direct access to state-of-the-art FACS machines (with sorting capabilities), a spinning disc confocal microscope, protein purification, several high-end plate readers and basically everything a molecular biology department should have. There is great technical support (Jeannette, Vincent, Nazife and Lydie) and administrative support (Aline, Nadine and Nassim).

    We have direct access to the UNIL's core facilities (Protein, Genomics, Electron Microscopy, Advanced light microscopy, metabolomics platform), as well as to several of EPFL's core facilities (on the same campus) and to the EMBL's core facilities (through the EMBO YIP membership).

    Latest acquisitions:

    • Illumina Miniseq
    • Oxford Nanopore Technologies MinION
    • NovoCyte flow cytometer
    • 3D cell explorer (Nanolive)
    • New TIRF unit (Leica)
    • SIM microscope (OMX SR GE Healthcare)