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    Job openings

    Lab mission:

    The Veening lab strives to teach and perform research at the limits of current knowledge and, using state-of-the-art techniques, produce high-quality work describing and uncovering new pneumococcal biology. We aim to create and foster a professional, fun, creative, safe, inclusive and productive environment, where all members are empowered with the skills, knowledge and resources required for their projects and future careers. To do so, team members are expected to be ambitious, critical and take full responsibility for their projects in a supportive, collaborative and open culture.


    The project:

    It's an ERC CoG sponsored project starting in November 2018 that will use innovative approaches for infection biology by combining synthetic biology and quantitative single cell biology including single cell RNA-seq, CRISPRi, engineered bistable switches and microfluidics. We will try to reveal the molecular mechanisms underlying cell-to-cell variability and its importance in virulence and antibiotic resistance. Have a look at our Research page to see what we are currently working on.


    We are looking for:

    1. PhD student with an interest in computation/bioinformatics (ERC)
    2. PhD student with an interest in synthetic biology (ERC)


    We offer:

    • The resources to obtain ground-breaking results to advance pneumococcal biology
    • Great training environment and training/travel opportunities
    • Collaborative environment in a unique location
    • Access to state-of-the-art facilities and resources (DMF, UNIL, EPFL, external collaborators)
    • Competitive salary based on experience, benefits and career support, on-campus daycare
    • 4 or 5 year contract for the PhD positions, earliest start date November 2018 (no tuition fee)



    We are casting a wide net and are looking for creative minds that have an interest in technology, synthetic biology, genetics, bioinformatics, microscopy, infection biology. A master's degree (or equivalent) in biology, life sciences, chemistry, engineering or physics is required, as well as being proficient in English. Experience with R or other computer languages is a plus.


    How to apply:

    The official application procedure has closed, but if interested, please contact Jan-Willem directly.