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    Clement Gallay

    Originally from France I did my Bachelor in Biologie and Master in Biochemistry at the University of Lyon 1 (FR). I also got a taste of working with Streptococcus pneumoniae in the laboratory of Christophe Grangeasse (Lyon) during 10 months. Fascinated by the apparent simplicity of the pneumococus cell division / DNA organisation, but in reality very complex to figure and explain, I moved to Groningen (NL) to start my PhD in January 2014 with Jan Willem and continu here in Lausanne (where mountains are slightly higher than in the Netherlands and more prone to hiking/skiing). Since then, my research topic is to I try to identify "from scratch" new cell cycle proteins using various techniques. This can help us understand how bacterial cell division works not only for the pneumococcus but also for closely related species (firmicutes) and even further.