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    Anne-Stéphanie Rueff

    Result-driven, hands-on, molecular microbiologist with international experience in virology and bacteriology. Interested in genomics, biotechnology, health and applied microbiology. Now working part-time together with Lance on a DARPA funded project to harness the pneumococcal competence machinery for DNA sequencing.

    Previous training and experience:

    • BSc and MSc degree from the University of Strasbourg, France (Microbiology and Virology)
    • Final Master Internship in the HCV virology team of Tibotec, Mechelen, Belgium (Johnson & Johnson). Project title: Genotypic characterization of inhibitors of polymerase NS5B of the Hepatitis C virus
    • PhD from the Paris-Sud University (Paris XI), work performed at INRA, Jouy-en-Josas, France. Dissertation title: Rôle de protéines associées au cytosquelette bactérien (Role of proteins associated with the bacterial cytoskeleton). Advisor: Dr. Rut Carballido-López
    • Post-doc at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands, in the laboratory of Prof. Oscar Kuipers
    anne-stephanie.rueff fru@it LinkedIn